Why is Your Podcast Still Not Being Found?

Ep.19 – Why is Your Podcast Still Not Being Found?

Tim and Kyle introduce you to the new SEO for podcasting called Podcast Discovery Optimization (PDO) and why it matters to how your podcast is found.

Episode at a Glance:

  • We celebrate our second year of doing Virginia Podcaster’s Association (VAPODA) meetups at Germanna Community College — it’s a great place to find out what real podcast newbies are struggling with!
  • The Virginia Podcaster’s Association (VAPODA) is a great place to find out what real podcast newbies are struggling with
  • We explore what happened when we looked up a new podcaster’s podcast using Pocket Cast (Hint: We discover that different podcasts can have the same name!)
  • “Conversating” becomes the Word of the Day
  • We throw friend of the show Mathew Passy a whole lot of love!

What did we learn?

  • Welcome to Podcast Discovery Optimization (PDO)
  • This is the “what does my website look like on other browsers?” song.
  • Followed by the “what does my website look like on other phones?” B-side sleeper hit.
  • Now, it’s “what does my podcast look like on all apps?”… or even the better question: “IS my podcast in all the apps?”
  • You have to look up your podcast because you can’t fix what you don’t know!
  • We thought a podcast name needed to be unique. Nope! Turns out you can have the EXACT SAME NAME in Apple Podcasts (iTunes)! We didn’t know that was possible
  • We find out that not all podcasting statistics are created equal and not all hosts let you know where your listeners are coming from.
  • We know that not all hosts use IAB Standards but when you mix downloads with streaming with listens we can see why newbies get confused.

New Podcasting Terms: Which is your favorite?

  • Podcast Reliability Engineering (PRE)
  • Podcast Search Optimization (PSO)
  • Podcast Visualization Optimization (PVO)
  • Podcast Discovery Optimization (PDO)

PDO Recommendations for Podcasters:

  • 1. Stay away from a podcast with the same name because it’s hard to find your podcast next to the others already
  • 2. Don’t confuse your audience by being similar
  • 3. The answer to your show’s name is in your content if you’re looking for it
  • 4. Massage your message by making your name stand out from the static
  • 5. Search your own podcast on all the apps — Yup! All of them!
  • 6. Do the work now, save the struggle for other fights not related to having to keep telling people which podcast is yours
  • 7. Go through all the apps and see if you’re on your favorite apps
  • 8. If it gets crazy, get someone to help you with Podcast Discovery Optimization (PDO) if you’re not showing up (like Mathew Passy – The Podcast Consultant)

Industry Predictions:

Industry Quotes:

  • “Apple has always been about empowering people to build great things. From iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and Garageband, Apple has always been at the center of technology and liberal arts. It’s now time for Apple to simplify the podcast creation experience.”
    — Bradley Chambers, 9to5mac.com

Special Thanks to Friend-of-the-Show Mathew Passy! If you need some serious help with your podcast, Mathew is the guy to call. Find him on the Interwebs here:

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