Virtual Survival with Super Joe Pardo - Virtual Survival with Super Joe Pardo

Ep.38 – Virtual Survival with Super Joe Pardo

Tim and Kyle talk with Joe Pardo ( about the nuance of building a virtual presence online to help your podcast survive.

Episode at a Glance

  • Building anything — including events — is tough
  • Everything you build virtually will take time
  • Relationships are everything

What did we learn?

  • You’re going to be hit in the face more times then you expect – it’s what you do after you get hit that counts.
  • Everything starts small. Everything is a marathon. Everything!
  • Goals take time to mature – don’t give up and don’t rush them.
  • Getting the reps in will get you through the parts you are struggling with.
  • Making relationships is vital to success.
  • Never phone it in — You never know who is listening or who will show up to hear you.
  • Treat people well — The connections you make now could be with people who can help you grow later.
  • Knowing what you want is a huge advantage.
  • Super Joe Pardo comes with his own theme music and sound effects.

About Super Joe Pardo

Joe Pardo is on a mission to empower every single person he meets to become the Super version of themselves in business and in life.

With over three-hundred and fifty episodes of The Business Podcast, four books, and countless memories later, “Super Joe” is living the dream of helping other business owners.

Learn more about Super Joe:

Guest Quotable

“Getting more reps in for podcasters means this: keep recording, record more often, keep pushing, and don’t stop. Because a year from now you are going be a year into it and you’re going to have so many more connections, friends, and people that get what the heck you are doing.”
Super Joe Pardo, The Super Joe Pardo Show

“Podcast success for me is ALL about the relationships I have been able to make.”
Super Joe Pardo, The Super Joe Pardo Show

“Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that the universe provides – one way or another — because of my relationships. You just need to really listen.”
Super Joe Pardo, The Super Joe Pardo Show

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