LIVE from Our Padded Shower - LIVE from Our Padded Shower

Ep.52 – LIVE from Our Padded Shower

Tim and Kyle explore ad-hoc recording setups you can use when you are traveling for International Podcast Day.

Episode at a Glance

  • Tim and Kyle give you five (5) good ways to create a podcast studio on the road
  • Tim and Kyle celebrate International Podcast Day #internationalpodcastday

Big Thoughts from this Episode

“Don’t let the audio setup stop you from doing your podcast. You can do it on the cheap!”
— Timothy Kimo Brien

“Happy International Podcast Day!”
— Kyle M. Bondo

Ad-hoc Podcast Studios

  • Portable foam science board
  • Padded shower
  • Pillow fort
  • Coat closet
  • Music store practice rooms

Friend of the Show

  • Jodi Krangle (Voice Actor) — From Disney to Depend and beachside resorts to little blue pills, Jodi has just about done it all! (The voiceover work, that is). She truly loves what she does, and what she does is make your job as easy as possible. Want to know more? Visit her at Voice Overs and Vocals DOT COM.

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