Life After Episode #13 with Terri Walters - Life After Episode #13 with Terri Walters

Ep.39 – Life After Episode #13 with Terri Walters

Tim and Kyle talk with Terri Walters, host of (EventYak), about what it was like to create her first thirteen podcast episodes.

Episode at a Glance

  • There is life BEFORE you start podcasting, then there is life AFTER you start podcasting
  • Most tips and tricks don’t apply to you until you START your podcast
  • Podcasting is WORK and it takes devotion to your audience to get past podcast episode #13.

What did we learn?

  • Terri talks about getting to podcast episode #13 is tough if you lose focus.
  • Tim and Kyle discuss how many podcasters can’t help you until you actually have a show.
  • Terri reveals how she used her difficulty with building a website as her crutch to keep her from starting.
  • Terri talks about keeping herself motivated and how you’re the only one who will actually do the work.
  • Terri shares how podcasting life looks much different once you get to episode #13.
  • The topic of “Beer Tent Consultant” comes up.
  • Terri, Kyle, and Tim reminisce about their fellow podcaster Johathan Strong and how they all met at MAPCON in 2018.
  • Terri talks about interviewing guests.

About Terri Walters

Terri Walters is an Events Industry Veteran with 30-year experience creating Live Events. As the CEO of Moonfish Production, Terri has become the Technical Producer, Events Consultant, and Show Caller for many live events. Terri is currently the host of EventYak, a podcast that talks with people who live, eat and breathe live event, and is also the founding member and co-host of the 2018 one-hit-wonder “Beer Tent Consultant.”

Learn more about Terri:

Guest Quotable

“Starting is hard until you start. Then starting turned out to be the easy part!”
Terri Walters, EventYak

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