Graduate From Your Darlings | Graduate from Your Darlings

Ep.45 – Graduate From Your Darlings

Kyle and Tim talk about the importance of cleaning up your podwrecks so that you can make room for new creative endeavors.

Episode at a Glance

  • Tim talks about why he had to close out KDOI Podcasting to make room for Create Art Podcast (CAP).
  • Kyle gets it the reasons for closing his podfaded podcast Podfader (irony intended).
  • Tim gets Kyle to reveal his struggle in letting go of two podcasts that he hasn’t worked on in years — Merchants of Dirt and Get Lost Racing.
  • While on Tim’s couch, Kyle explores the reasons WHY he has been paying to keep these two podcasts alive — essentially being a contributor to the podwreck phenomenon.
  • Tim gets Kyle to agree that letting go of these podcasts on December 31st, 2020, will be a good thing!
  • Tim and Kyle explore why moving past old creative endeavors make room for new creative endeavors.

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