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Is Your Arm a Yard Long?

Tim and Kyle start a conversation about podcast metrics and discover 10 ways to measure your success.

Tim and Kyle start a conversation about podcast metrics and discover 10 ways to measure your success.

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Podwrecked Ep.051

Episode #051

  • We explore metrics and find examples of what each one could mean in real life.
  • We get sidetracked and start talking about voiceovers and voice acting.

What did we learn?

  • Tim has been researching metrics that matter and compares that to the size of a ship’s sail (hanging from the yardarm)
  • Kyle goes on a tangent about starting a Voice Over Acting portfolio
  • Kyle and Tim give Jodi Krangle from Voice Overs and Vocals a shout-out!

We think up some metrics that do matter

  • Total Download numbers
  • Times you’ve been emailed by your audience
  • Times you’ve been sought out by your audience in real life
  • Times you’ve been recognized by your podcast peers
  • Amount of money made from your podcast
  • Number of audience members that use your promo codes
  • Number of audience members that click on your special links
  • Number of audience members that leave a rating and review
  • Times you’ve been asked to speak at a conference
  • Times you’ve had your voice recognized in public


“How does this information help Cliff?”
― Timothy Kimo Brien

“You cannot measure a podcast you never start.”
― Kyle M. Bondo

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