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Cake on the MAPCON Beach

Tim and Kyle are back to talk about 10 things they learned at MAPCON while having their podcasting cake on the beach in Atlantic City.

Tim and Kyle are back to talk about 10 things they learned at MAPCON while having their podcasting cake on the beach in Atlantic City.

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Podwrecked Ep.022

Episode #022

  • We give you our Top 10 MAPCON from Atlantic City takeaways.
  • We talk about where we’ve been for the past few weeks
  • We introduce Podwrecked’s new tagline: Survive Your Podcast!

What did we learn?

  1. Tim: Clear/Clarity - An aspects of podcasting you need to be clear (Intro/Outro, Show notes, Purpose, Why)
  2. Kyle: The Future is Local and you need to double down on your niche - Meetups, Localized Content, Live Recording, Weekly FB Hangouts
  3. Tim: Utilize tech to the fullest (Instagram, FB Live, Audiograms, LinkedIn)
  4. Kyle: Goal Setting - Your podcast needs focus, discernment, and prioritization
  5. Tim: Strong Branding (Audio brand, Intro/Outro, Music, Scripting FB Live, IGTV)
  6. Kyle: Monetization requires that you have a small business connected to your podcast (email list, a product, and consistency)
  7. Tim: Live, Live, LIVE! Don’t be a podcast elitist — use live streaming: YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, FB Live, IGTV — and go LOOOOOOONG with your “Value Bombs”
  8. Kyle: Verbal Branding and Sonic Branding are something you should be thinking about before someone takes yours (Smart Speakers)
  9. Tim: Conferences/Conventions are expensive. Plan accordingly and decide which events have what you need.
  10. Kyle: Don’t be a podcast elitist and only create content for your podcast. Have you ever thought of turning your podcast into a book?


“You don’t suck when you make an effort to do good work.”
- Niel J. Guilarte

“Oh! And by the way, check out my podcast!”
- Niel J. Guilarte

“Not everyone listens to podcasts”
- Ross Brand

“You need to create a niche. And if someone had already beaten you there? Create a sub-niche!”
- Dr. Tyson Franklin

“Sometimes you are not your target market.”
- Jeffery Bradbury

“Make a podcast that YOU want to listen to.”
- David Steele

“Podcasting is a delivery system.”
- Mathew Passy

“When I hit play, (yelling) START THE PODCAST!”
- Mathew Passy

“Don’t stop. Keep going.”
- Nick G.

“Don’t be only a podcaster but be an expert listener.”
- Karen Yankovich

“The future is local.”
- Samantha (Sam) Riley


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