Ding, Dong! Your Show’s Home!

Podwrecked.com - Ding, Dong! Your Show's Home!

Ep.37 – Ding, Dong! Your Show’s Home!

Tim and Kyle talk about your need to have a podcast website and how getting creative can help you land a good domain name.

Episode at a Glance

  • Every podcast needs a home website
  • Finding an available Top Level Domain (TLD) is tough
  • Branding maturity is part of growing your podcast
  • Start small and improve over time

What did we learn?

  • All of the good domain names are taken or owned by cybersquatters
  • Creative domain name suffixes, spellings, or DOT something else can be good alternatives
  • Easy to spell, say, or even remember is important
  • Your podcast show name, website name, and email address should all align
  • Brands, websites, and emails can all be out of sync at first, but you can improve them over time
  • Tim missed out on doing something with “Myopic Cyber-Squatters DOT COM”


“People build you into their lives.”
Todd Cochrane, CEO, Blubrry Podcasting

“If you can be consistent, it will add 20-percent to your numbers and you will grow.”
Matt Cundil

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