Welcome to Podwrecked! The podcast that helps you Survive Your Show!

Podwrecked is dedicated to helping you survive your podcast. We work through all the challenges that podcasters struggle with and find creative ways to move forward in your podcasting journey.

Join your hosts Timothy Kimo Brien and Kyle Bondo as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcasting and guide you to safer harbors. What you learn will save your podcast!

Old Show Art circa 2018-2022

Podwrecked Show Art

Podwrecked’s original show art was based on a World War II-era poster by E. Oliver titled “Salvage saves Shipping”. Printed sometime between 1939 and 1946, this poster art was modified to show the lifeboat captain carrying the microphone lantern, the ship flying the RSS flag, and the name “podcast” emblazoned across its stern.

New Show Art for 2023!

Podwrecked Show Art

We have new show art for our 2023 relaunch! The new Podwrecked show art is a simplified homage to our original poster-based design. We kept the sinking ship, microphone lantern, and lifeboats. However, we simplified the color palette and added the iceberg to represent the real difficulty podcasters have with surviving their podcast. Adding Oncetold to our existing PODWRECKED typography was the final touch to let everyone know we have changed hosting companies to Oncetold.