What Happens When a Big Network Picks You?

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Ep.20 – What Happens When a Big Network Picks You?

Tim and Kyle explore the big podcast network paradox of how being picked could be both the best thing and worst thing to happen to your podcast.

Episode at a Glance:

  • There is a lot of chaotic movement going on between big podcast networks that some see as a Podcasting Bubble.
  • Only we looked up the definition of “bubble” and disagree.
  • We see a trend where when a big podcast network loses star players they start searching to supplement their content loses.
  • The same behavior happens in all other media too: Movie Studios, TV Networks, Radio Stations, and now… Podcasting!
  • Networks constantly poach other companies star players with better deals and creative opportunities.
  • If you sign on to a network that is influx you need to be wary of their actual motives and their demands on your content.

What did we learn?

  • Big podcast networks are going to be constantly changing, buying new content, and trying to one-up each other.
  • When these big podcast networks lose content creators, they will need to fill the void with something new — this could mean you and your show.
  • Think of having a big podcast network interested in your contact like being called up in Major League Baseball.
  • It’s exciting to have your creation called up form the podcasting “Minor Leagues” to the podcasting “Big Leagues”.
  • Having a big podcast network pick your show for the “The Big Show” could be the best thing that ever happened to you and your podcast.
  • However, a big network could also put restrictions and creative limitations on your podcast.
  • If you get the call, you need to be wary of the demands they will have on your content.

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Industry Predictions:

  • Tim thinks that small businesses will be looking to expand advertising into new markets. They want to see this podcasting thing work in their market. Big ones take the risk first… then the smaller ones will to the benefit of all podcasters.
  • Kyle thinks the Content Wars are coming! As these big podcast networks lose their star talent they are going to start lurking around the smaller networks and either buy their network or start poaching their talent.
  • Read our growing list of podcast industry predictions for 2020!

Industry Quotes:

  • “Overnight success stories take a long time.”
    –Steve Jobs

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