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Inside the Podwrecked Workshop

Podwrecked.com - Inside the Podwrecked Workshop (Ep.33)

Ep.33 – Inside the Podwrecked Workshop

Tim and Kyle tell what they do in their bunkers by giving you some behind the scenes details into their latest podcasting projects and experiments.


Castjacking with Mathew Passy

Podwrecked.com - Castjacking and Other Safety Words

Ep.31 – Castjacking with Mathew Passy

Tim and Kyle talk with Mathew Passy from The Podcast Consultant about castjacking and how you can protect your show from RSS feed pirates.


Will Podcasting in 2020 Mean No More Earbuds?

Podwrecked.com - Does a Podcast Vision of 2020 Mean No More Earbuds?

Ep.29 – Will Podcasting in 2020 Mean No More Earbuds?

Tim and Kyle provide their vision of what will become of the podcast industry in 2020 by sharing their best 20 predictions for a new decade in podcasting.

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