Salvaging Your Podcast with Dave Jackson

Podwrecked Ep.21 - Salvaging Your Podcast with Dave Jackson

Ep.21 – Salvaging Your Podcast with Dave Jackson

Tim and Kyle talk with Hall-of-Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting) about strategies that can salvage your show when you put a bad podcast episode into the world.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Strategies for surviving that “Big Oops” after you hit publish on an episode.
  • What happens when you overwrite versus repost your fixed episode.
  • Learn the tacit knowledge that only comes from a podcaster who has thousands of episodes and millions of minutes on the microphone.

Where to find Dave Jackson:

What did we learn?

  • There are a lot of ways to help you mitigate the damage of those mistakes.
  • You CAN recover from a bad episode.
  • Publishing an episode that did not include your voice.
  • Publishing an episode that only plays one of two voices on the recording.
  • Interviews – Didn’t hit record.
  • Interviewee that fell asleep.
  • Cut and Paste from an old episode and publish the wrong one.
  • Don’t listen with the ears of a podcaster but with the ears of a listener.
  • You can go overkill on recording gear.
  • You can go overkill on the number of audio file version saves.
  • Hoarding audio files for “just in case” is a real thing that all podcasters do.
  • The bare minimum for podcasting gear should be enough for a new podcaster to “get by” — this means settling for a $60 microphone instead of going out and buying the AKG C-24 that was used in Pitch Perfect 3. (Pro Tip: The AKG C-24 is a collectors microphone for the low low price of $9K).
  • Some gear is just weird (with 10-feet of cable) and we just have to live with it.
  • Be carful when you name your podcast the same as a podwrecked podcast.
  • Subscribe to your show with Apple Podcasts/Overcast (on iPhone), and Pocket Casts/Castbox (on Android) to know when your episode goes live.
  • Google Play Music is NOT Google Podcasts – they are two separate things!
  • Not many people will want you to remove content from an interview (or remove a snippet).
  • Always ask in an interview “Is there anything in this interview you don’t want out in the world?”
  • A single episode marked “Explicit” will drop you out of a lot of other countries unless you’re not interested in having an audience in those countries.
  • When it comes to audio obsessions, remember that some folks in your audience are listening in the shower.

Questions to ask yourself if you Podwreck:

  • How long has the episode been out to the world?
  • How many people already have this episode?
  • Do I want everyone to get the corrected episode?
  • Do I care enough to put a re-post in my feed?
  • How long do you want to wait for Apple Podcasts to update from my change?
  • Did anyone even notice there was a problem?

Hall-of-Fame Dave-isms:

  • “Please subscribe to your own podcast!”
  • “Remember, the Internet writes in ink!”
  • “Nobody cares how the sausage is made. Just bring me content!”
  • “As podcasters, there is a big chunk of our hearts that wants to serve [our audience].”
  • “Please do not start your show off with an apology. Do it at the end where your super fans are!”

Elegant Solutions Notes:

  • If you don’t care about Spotify and Google Play Music, you can repost with the exact named file.
  • Everyone who already downloaded it now as the “collectors edition” of that episode.
  • You can repost the audio file with the same name and just not worry about those who already have it.
  • You can post a NEW audio file and not worry about your subscribers getting a second version of the first file.
  • Apple Podcasts will show the new post but not remove the old one because it is only a mirror to your own feed.
  • It may take up to 24-hours to show any changes in the Apple Listing because it is only a snapshot of what is going on with your podcast in 24-hours (not minute-by-minute).
  • Apple Podcasts may never remove the listing of the first listing of your changed episode.

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