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Tim and Kyle’s Predictions for 2020

Tim and Kyle are constantly making predictions about the Podcast Industry. Here are the predictions Tim and Kyle came up with before 2020:

  • #20 – Someone will pay us $100 in 2020!!! (Episode #29).
  • #19 – The ear of podcast festivals/conferences has hit its critical mass. There will be less in 2020 (Episode #29).
  • #18 – Podcasts get shorter to be more morning briefs vs long-form while the middle-length podcasts will shink. The shorts and longs will get shorter and longer (Episode #29).
  • #17 – Fed and state government expand podcast usage internally to employees for engagement (Episode #29).
  • #16 – Growth of networks to keep up with content by buying up small podcasters to add to their portfolio (Episode #29).
  • #15 – There will be 1-million podcasts in Apple Podcasts by April 2020 (Episode #29).
  • #14 – National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) will double in challenge participants in November 2020 (Episode #27).
  • #13 – Kyle thinks that Dave will one day soon create a podcast devoted to his Crazy Morning Zoo Crew Binky and the Wiz (Episode #21).
  • #12 – Tim thinks that small businesses will be looking to expand advertising into new markets. They want to see this podcasting thing work in their market. Big ones take the risk first… then the smaller ones will to the benefit of all podcasters (Episode #20).
  • #11 – Kyle thinks the Content Wars are coming! As these big podcast networks lose their star talent they are going to start lurking around the smaller networks and either buy their network or start poaching their talent (Episode #20).
  • #10 – Tim’s prediction is that Disney is going to push into kidcast podcasting behind a paywall by 2020 (Episode #16). #10.1 – Disney and Amazon form an unholy alliance!
  • #9 – Kyle also predicts that Apple will start punishing podcasters this year (in the rankings) that have not released an episode in over 6-months (Episode #14). #9.1 – Apple will accept money to keep your podcast on the directory forever!
  • #8 – Kyle predicts that Apple will institute a new policy that will change the way they rank podcasts in the Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Directory by 2020 (Episode #14). #8.1 – Tired of waiting for Google to do it, Samsung creates its own podcast app!
  • #7 – More podcasters will discover that recording before their audience live is one of the primary ways to grow their podcast 10-fold in 2019 (Episode #12).
  • #6 – Audio Drama podcasters will be the next to leverage Patreon as their alternative monetization stream but only if they master bonus content and fan service outreach (e.g. live shows, swag, and appearances) (Episode #11).
  • #5 – We are going to see a lot more people do that one and done episode. But that’s ok because they are going to learn to appreciate what goes into producing a podcast and they will become sponsors of podcasters who they like (Episode #10). #5.1 – The next Anchor-like company will appear in 2020!
  • #4 – We will make it to the 50 episodes this year and we will make another 50 next year (Episode #10).
  • #3 – Google Podcasts will eventually be native to Android, will be on every phone, and become a “must-have” app for podcast listeners within the next three (3) years (Episode #9).
  • #2 – A podcaster will have media credentials big enough to ask the President of the United States a question in 2020 (Episode #8).
  • #1 – More True Crime podcasters will form content networks to improve their credibility and audience sizes in 2020 (Episode #8).

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