Tim and Kyle are constantly making predictions about the Podcast Industry. In fact, they make a prediction at least once an episode!

Our Predictions Made DURING 2019

  • #23 – Google Podcasts will eventually be native to Android, will be on every phone, and become a “must have” app for podcast listeners within the next three (3) years (Episode #9).
  • #22 – A podcaster will have media credentials big enough to ask the President of the United States a question in 2019 (Episode #8).
  • #21 – More True Crime podcasters will form content networks to improve their credibility and audience sizes in 2019 (Episode #8).

Our Predictions Made FOR 2019

To keep track of all this insightful thinking, each new prediction will be added here:

  • #20 — We believe that we will reach Podwrecked Episode #50 before the end of 2019 (Episode #7).
  • #19 — We think that more low-budget and/or free podcasting media hosting companies will go out of business in 2019 and that the entire free hosting space business model will come to an end (Episode #7).
  • #18 — We do think Google will double down on Audio Indexing in 2019, making audio content like podcasts searchable for the first time. It won’t be pretty, but it will get better in time and become part of their overall search tool (Episode #7).
  • #17 — We don’t think Google will start caring about podcasting to the point that will threaten Apple’s market share in 2019 (Episode #7).
  • #16 — We think there will be some new directory offerings that will start to threaten Apple’s podcast directory market share in 2019 (Episode #7).
  • #15 — We don’t think Apple will start caring about podcasting again, at least enough to fix the poor search experience built into iTunes in 2019 (Episode #7).
  • #14 — We think that there will be an explosion of political podcasts that will be established to produce content about the Presidential Primaries in 2019, with a few surviving to become the go-to podcasts for the 2020 Presidential Election (Episode #7).
  • #13 — We think there will be so many short-form podcasts that new Short-Form Podcast Directories will start popping-up for those that like bite-sized podcasts for their daily fix or smart speaker briefings (Episode #7).
  • #12 — We think Big News (e.g. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, BBC) will go all in with daily and weekly podcasts in 2019. In fact, we think there will be so many daily news podcasts that we will be overwhelmed by all the content (Episode #7).
  • #11 — We think there will be an explosion of short-form podcasts (i.e. daily podcasts) that will take advantage of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Flash Briefings (Episode #7).
  • #10 — We think that the podcast technology feeding frenzy has yet to start. We don’t think big companies will start buying little podcasting content companies to help them jump into the podcasting space just yet. It will be quiet in 2019… but maybe not for 2020 (Episode #7).
  • #9 — Every Podcasting Host that charges money will be IAB certified in 2019. It will be the new standard for all upcoming podcast hosts that want to enter the industry (Episode #7).
  • #8 — Podcasting will not go mainstream in 2019 but it will continue to development — there are just too many other distractions that grabbing attention to allow podcasting “mainstream” — because 1. delivery, 2. people who know how or what podcasting is, 3. newbies getting into podcasting. Measurement is 75% of people know what a podcast is and knows what a podcast is. Listen once a month (Episode #7).

Our Predictions Made BEFORE 2019

  • #7 — Teaching educators how to podcast will lead the way to the first creation of a new kind of university system in 2019 (Episode #6).
  • #6 — We are going to see an explosion of educational based podcasts and resources designed for the classroom in 2019 (Episode #6).
  • #5 — We are going to see more deplatforming of podcasts in 2019 (Episode #5).
  • #4 — The topic of proper podcast length will still be hotly debated in 2019 (Episode #4).
  • #3 — Companies that invest in podcasting content creation will own the space in 2019 (Episode #3).
  • #2 — During the year of 2019, there will be a 10x increase in podcasts — especially audio dramas — that become TV Shows (Episode #2).
  • #1 — Amazon will jump into the podcasting space in 2019 (Episode #1).