I’ll Take Podcasting for $100, Tim!

Podwrecked - I'll Take Podcasting for $100, Alex!

Ep.14 – I’ll Take Podcasting for $100, Tim!

Tim and Kyle discover which podcast categories have the most shows and analyze why that is and what it might mean to how you categorize your own podcast.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle talk about the top three categories that have the most shows.
  • This leads to talking about why some categories are at the bottom of the list.
  • We then move into talking about the podcasts that produce the most episodes.
  • We finish off the show by talking about why your primary category is a factor in podcast discovery.

What did we learn?

  • The number one category in Apple Podcasts iTunes Directory is Religion and Spirituality: Christianity.
  • Choose a category that your audience will think your podcast is in, not the category you think works best for you.
  • The categories with the most podcasts are also producing the most content per show.
  • The categories at the bottom may not be crowded because there is not much demand for their content. However, they may also represent opportunities to dominate an underserved niche.
  • Many of the categories that have both the most podcasts and the most episodes per show are producing daily podcasts.
  • Just because a podcast category is crowded doesn’t mean they are good shows nor does it mean they are all current shows either.
  • Your category helps your audience find you, but it is your content that keeps them listening regardless of how many shows there are.

Additional Reading:

Industry Predictions:

  • Kyle predicts that Apple will institute a new policy that will change the way they rank podcasts in the Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Directory by 2020.
  • Kyle also predicts that Apple will start punishing podcasters this year (in the rankings) that have not released an episode in over 6-months.
  • Read more of our growing list of podcast industry predictions for 2020!

Industry Quotes:

  • “You may say, ‘Well, dragons don’t exist.’ It’s, like, yes they do – the category ‘predator’ and the category ‘dragon’ are the same category. It absolutely exists. It’s a superordinate category. It exists absolutely more than anything else. In fact, it really exists.”
    ― Jordan Peterson
  • “Categories are rarely permanent, and most important work is done by people who don’t easily fit in.”
    ― Seth Godin

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