Eight Ways to Know You’re a Podcast Lover

Ep.17 – Eight Ways to Know You’re a Podcast Lover

Tim and Kyle highlight eight podcasting firsts every podcaster will experience along the road to becoming a podcast lover.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle provide eight very personal lessons learned during their podcasting journeys.

What did we share?

  • 1. The first interview forgot to hit record
  • 2. The first time you podfaded a podcast
  • 3. The first time you take someone’s phone and subscribe them to your show
  • 4. The first podcasting conference we attended
  • 5. The first 5-hour editing session for only 15-minute show removing ums
  • 6. The first piece of equipment
  • 7. The first time you are interviewed by a podcaster
  • 8. The first time you record a question for the School of Podcasting

Additional Reading:

Industry Predictions:

Industry Quotes:

  • “‘OKAY audio does not kill mediocre content, but BAD audio will murder great content every day of the week.”
    ― Steve Stewart, Podcast Editor’s Club

Audience Challenge:

  • TODO: Way-Back Music
  • TODO: Prediction Music

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