Eight Love Languages of Podcasting

Eight Love Languages of Podcasting

Ep.18 – Eight Love Languages of Podcasting

Tim and Kyle highlight the eight podcasting love languages that confuse everyone and how translating them will make you a better podcaster.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle translate eight different podcasting languages and try to make them easy for anyone to understand. Did we do that? You tell us!

What did we share?

  • 1. DAW or not to DAW?
  • 2. Interview Questions that Matter?
  • 3. Free Pick-Your-Brain Meetup and Coffee?
  • 4. This shows not for you listener – 1 Star Guy
  • 5. Podcaster Jargon Question in FB? LUFS, Heil PR-40, ID3
  • 6. Paying for Hosting instead of Free Hosting
  • 7. Hey, Bra — I just uploaded and got 10,000 dpe — is that normal?
  • 8. It Depends… Length… Format… Gear… There are no right answers, only wrong answers!

Additional Reading:

Industry Predictions:

Industry Quotes:

  • “Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.”
    ― The Nightvale Podcast – #welcometonightvale

Audience Challenge:

  • TODO: Way-Back Music
  • TODO: Prediction Music

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