Dude, Where’s My Audience?

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Ep.25 – Dude, Where’s My Audience?

Tim and Kyle review recent listener data and how it should motivate you to double-down on content research designed to build your audience.

Episode at a Glance:

  • U.S. podcast audiences have grown to 62 million listening weekly.
  • For the first time, more than half (51 percent) of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast, up from 44 percent last year.
  • 144 million people, or 20 million more people than just a year ago, have listened to a podcast.
  • With all these people now listening, what are you doing to make sure they are listening to YOU?

What did we learn?

  • Finding your Ideal Listener – When you figure out your topic, it leads you to online sources. Online sources lead you to people interested in that topic. These people? They are your potential future listeners.
  • Define Your Ideal Listener – Refine your ideal audience thinking down to some specific details.
  • Find Your Flock – Where there are two or more people interested in something, you can find something built around it (e.g. books, magazines, blogs, websites)
  • Sort Your Flocks – When you find a flock, evaluate each flock by lurking with a purpose and learning up-to-the-minute dialog about your flocks.
  • Expanding the Search- Choose active or recent discussions, statements, articles, or posts that best represent a point of view about your topic.
  • Qualifying your Sources – Content Walking – Active issues, complaints, controversies, problems, and interesting points of view you find.
  • Bird Watching with Purpose – Once you start reviewing, searching, collecting and visiting these flocks, my hope is that you will continue to revisit them over and over again until it becomes a habit.
  • Go Do the Work – At one point you have to just take what you have and start podcasting so that you can learn what your audience likes and doesn’t like.

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