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Ep.27 – DC Podfest Secrets Revealed

Tim and Kyle record a LIVE episode at the VAPODA November Meetup to talk to attendees about the podcasting secrets that were revealed this year.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Recorded Live at the Howell Branch Library in Fredericksburg during the Virginia Podcasters Association (VAPODA.org) Meetup.
  • Tim and Kyle continue to experiment with how to produce a live show
  • We reveal secret lessons learned we discovered at DC Podfest
  • YouTube recent policy changes for shutting down channels that are not “commercially” viable

What did we learn?

  • Live is still a challenge
  • Using Hindenburg Pro vs other DAWs to lessen editing process
  • Smart Speakers and Verbal Branding is about to eat the world
  • Videos and Podcasts are not enemies, they are delivery systems for CONTENT! You can love them both and should!
  • Be willing to fix your audio production process by learning new tools – Like #hindenburgjournalist

Industry Predictions:

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Audience Challenge:

  • TODO: Way-Back Music
  • TODO: Prediction Music

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