Castjacking with Mathew Passy - Castjacking and Other Safety Words

Ep.31 – Castjacking with Mathew Passy

Tim and Kyle talk with Mathew Passy from The Podcast Consultant about castjacking and how you can protect your show from RSS feed pirates.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle welcome Mathew Passy to the show
  • Mathew drops knowledge on Tim and Kyle the whole show
  • We go into the details surrounding podcast feed hijacking (i.e. castjacking)
  • Tim talks about how his new podcast feed for Create Art Podcast on Google Podcasts was castjacked by an Indian company called “HubHopper”
  • Get a bunch of podcasters together and we start to talk about all sorts of podcasting issues… like Apple Podcasts
  • Mathew gives us his Podcast Migration Strategy 101 and debunks the myth that podcasts don’t leave their media host (spoiler alert – they do!)
  • Mathew answers the $10,000 question: Does IAB certification matter when picking a podcast media hosting company?
  • PSA: Be a good steward of your own show! Check your feeds… and Now You Know!

About our guest — Mathew Passy

Mathew Passy is a veteran podcaster and producer who as The Podcast Consultant helps brands, PR firms, small businesses and even individuals to use podcasts to connect with their target audience. Mathew also hosts and produces several active shows to include Podcast Me Anything and CausePods. Recently, Mathew founded Towncast, a platform aimed at creating a single location for local media and will be a featured speaker at this year’s Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida in March 2020.

What did we learn?

  • You need to check your podcast feeds at least once a quarter
  • The only way to protect yourself from castjackers is to know when it’s happened to you
  • Your podcast media host might not be much help if it happens to you
  • Not all castjacking events are malicious but all cases do impact your statistics
  • Castjacking is yet another area of podcasting where even lawyers are not sure what to do just yet

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