Cake on the MAPCON Beach - Episode #22: Cake on the MAPCON Beach

Ep.22 – Cake on the MAPCON Beach

Tim and Kyle are back to talk about their MAPCON (Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference; now rebranded Independent Podcast Conference) experience and the 10 things they learned while having their podcasting cake on the beach in Atlantic City.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle’s Top 10 MAPCON 2019 Takeaways.
  • Where have Tim and Kyle been for the past few weeks?
  • Podwrecked has a new tagline: Survive Your Podcast!

MAPCON 2019 Top 10 Takeaways

  • #1 – Tim: Clear/Clarity – An aspects of podcasting you need to be clear (Intro/Outro, Show notes, Purpose, Why)
  • #2 – Kyle: The Future is Local and you need to double down on your niche – Meetups, Localized Content, Live Recording, Weekly FB Hangouts
  • #3 – Tim: Utilize tech to the fullest (Instagram, FB Live, Audiograms, LinkedIn)
  • #4 – Kyle: Goal Setting – Your podcast needs focus, discernment, and prioritization
  • #5 – Tim: Strong Branding (Audio brand, Intro/Outro, Music, Scripting FB Live, IGTV)
  • #6 – Kyle: Monetization requires that you have a small business connected to your podcast (email list, a product, and consistency)
  • #7 – Tim: Live, Live, LIVE! Don’t be a podcast elitist — use live streaming, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, FB Live, IGTV and go LOOOOOOONG with your “VALUE BOMBS”
  • #8 – Kyle: Verbal Branding and Sonic Branding is a thing you should be thinking about before someone takes yours (Smart Speakers)
  • #9 – Tim: Conferences/Conventions are expensive. Plan according and decide which ones have what you need.
  • #10 – Kyle: Don’t be a podcast elitist and only create content for your podcast. Have you ever thought of turning your podcast into a book?

Questions to ask yourself if you Podwreck:

  • How long has the episode been out to the world?
  • How many people already have this episode?
  • Do I want everyone to get the corrected episode?
  • Do I care enough to put a re-post in my feed?
  • How long do you want to wait for Apple Podcasts to update from my change?
  • Did anyone even notice there was a problem?

MAPCON Quotes:

  • “Don’t Suck” – Niel J. Guilarte
  • “Not Everyone Listens to Podcasts” – Ross Brand
  • “You need to create a niche. And if someone had already beaten you there?
  • Create a sub-niche!” – Dr. Tyson Franklin
  • “Sometimes you are not your target market.” – Jeffery Bradbury
  • “Make a podcast that YOU want to listen to.” – David Steele
  • “Oh! And by the way, check out my podcast!” – Niel J. Guilarte
  • “Podcasting is a delivery system.” – Mathew Passy
  • “When I hit play, START THE PODCAST!” – Mathew Passy
  • “Don’t Stop. Keep Going.” – Nick G.
  • “Not only podcasters but expert listeners.” – Karen Yankovich
  • “The future is local.” – Samantha (Sam) Riley

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