Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Podcasts Under 12


Ep.16 – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Podcasts Under 12

Tim and Kyle introduce you to Kidcasts and how producing podcasts for children between 6-12 might be the opportunity you’re overlooking.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle explore the Kidcast podcasting landscape for a growing audience of younger listeners.
  • We touch on marketing to children and why it’s a sensitive topic with regards to Kidcast monetization.
  • We end by talking about the potential for podcasts being a good source for child education.

What did we learn?

  • Both Kyle and Tim agree that there are not enough Kidscasts.
  • Kyle talks about how Kidcasts are still a Blue Ocean when it comes to your podcast production strategy.
  • We find out how many Kidcasts are educational and well-produced to keep children engaged.
  • Kyle raves about Gimlet’s Story Pirates and why that show’s format and marketing strategy is something to pay attention to.
  • The myth that kids have short attention spans when it comes to kidcasts is just that — a myth.
  • Sponsors can monetize a kidcast podcast, but it needs to be monitored by both producers and parents.
  • Disney Kidcasts have yet to gain traction but could become a strong competitor in the children podcasting space over the next year.
  • Tim points out that your first two (2) listens will be the parents. If it’s good? Your next 100 listens will be super loyal kids!
  • Kyle and Tim both think that Kidcasts could be one of the genres that is a natural fit for podcasting paywalls (which is something that Disney is already considering).
  • Tim sees Disney as the high-quality mark in Kidcasts.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Kidcasts make up the majority of the market for children podcasting right now.
  • There are 1.6-million home-schooled students that could benefit from fitting remote teaching into their lesson plans by leveraging STEM Kidcast podcasts.
  • We touch briefly on where smart speakers fit into the Kidcast podcast equation.

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Industry Quotes:

  • “A podcast aimed at 3-10-year-olds that parents could actually tolerate—if you could do it right—would be an unbelievable hit.”
    Matt Lieber, Gimlet

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