About Podwrecked

No One Wants to Podwreck

Podwrecked is dedicated to helping you survive your podcast. We work through all the challenges that podcasters struggle with and find creative ways to move forward in your podcasting journey. Join your hosts Tim Brien and Kyle Bondo as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcasting and guide you to safer harbors. What you learn will save your podcast!


What is a Podwreckism?

Tim and Kyle are constantly creating Podwreckisms which are quotes that would be great on a t-shirt!

What is a Podwreck?

Podwreck (n) (POD-wreck) — A dead show topping a category that became that way from a podfade, a podflash, or a podcrash.

Why name your show Podwrecked?

If you take in to account that the person who invented the ship was also the person who invented the shipwreck, then you could believe that the person who invented the podcast was also the same person that invented the podwreck. Anything that can be created can be abandoned. Unfortunately, when a podcast is abandoned it doesn’t simply disappear and make room for newer shows. It stays in the way like a wrecked ship blocking a harbor.

Additionally, the entire industry can change overnight, leaving you holding the bag. Podcast hosts going out of business, new apps replacing old apps, directories kicking your show off their list for minor offenses — the list of ways a change podcast industry can hurt your podcast is endless. Unfortunately, the very podcasters that are directly impacted by these changes are the last to know — and the lighthouse warning that they are about to run aground always seems to come too late.

That’s why we started this podcast and how we created our philosophy around the term podwrecked. We want to teach you — the podcasters — what news is and is not important, what changes can impact your show, and ultimately what you can do to navigate your podcast around those podwrecks that block your way towards becoming a successful podcast.

Our List of Podwreckisms

To keep track of all these sayings, each new saying will be added here:

  • There’s a podcast for that!
  • The person who invented the podcast was also the same person that invented the podwreck.
  • Hop on the bus, go with us, or get left in the dust.
  • Ideas are cheap, implementation is expensive.
  • Execution is where the money is.

Our Podcast Industry Alt-Dictionary

Yup. We put “pod” in front of a lot of words and came up with some really cool portmanteaus. Enjoy!

  • Poddexing (v) (POD-dex-ING) — Creating an index of spoken keywords from an audio file.
  • Podcrash (n) (POD-crash) — Sudden dramatic closure of a company supporting podcasts.
  • Podraking (n) (POD-rak-ING) — A hybrid of investigative journalism and podcasting.
  • Podception (n) (POD-cep-tion) — Talking about a podcast on another podcast.
  • Podjirble (n) (POD-gerb-le) — When a podcaster makes it up on the fly.
  • Podcon (n) (POD-CON) — An annual gathering of podcasters.
  • Podiversary (n) (POD-i-vers-ARY) — Your podcast’s birthday.
  • Podtennial (n) (POD-ten-ni-AL) — Your 100th episode release date.
  • Podbernation (n) (POD-ber-na-TION) — Pause between podcast seasons.
  • Podfade (n) (POD-fade) — To quit your podcast.
  • Podflash (n) (POD-flash) — A show that never starts.
  • Poddown (v) (POD-down) — When your feed becomes invalid.